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“Best Vet Hospital we’ve been to – many thanks to Dr. Eaton and the entire staff. Oh, if you want your cat professionally groomed, Lisa will do it! We love how our cat looks, following his grooming. Thanks.”
– Mike Donavon

“We love DAH and the doctors and staff.There’s no hesitation if you have a problem or a question with your pet there right there for you. We first vetted with a vet in Hopewell when we first moved here in 2002 ours dogs hated that place would back feet to try to get out of there. Than we boarded them somewhere and our doodles got sick took them too DAH and been going there ever since.They take such great care of your pets and daycare is great too our animals love it there.”
– Donna Shaffer

” I absolutely love this place and would not trust my new kitten with anyone else. My parents have been bringing their pets to Disputanta Animal Hospital for many years, so when I adopted my new baby, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be bringing him here for all his vet needs. He originally was seen by another vet’s office before I adopted him, and they were so negligent, which both frustrated and upset me a great deal. My kitten’s first appointment with Disputanta Animal Hospital was originally scheduled a little further out for his booster shots, etc., but I had to bring him in today due to the negligence of the other vet’s office. Things I THOUGHT had been done were, in fact, not done at all (according to the records I received from them to give to Disputanta Animal Hospital). Disputanta Animal Hospital was able to get me an appointment right away, and they took care of my kitten. I saw Dr. Casey and she’s fabulous. She spent a very long time with me in addressing all of my questions and concerns, and did so in such a nice manner; she was very patient and kind to me. All of the staff I have dealt with at Disputanta Animal Hospital have been truly wonderful. You can tell they really care about and love animals. They are a bit of a drive from me, but it’s worth it to know my fur baby is going to be very well taken care of. Thank you guys for all that you do!”
– Percy

“Our girls, Surry and Berkeley ages 6 months old, just had their second grooming appointment. We appreciate the way Beth took the time to listen to how we wanted our girls groomed. She did a great job!! The doctors and staff of Disputanta Animal Hospital are wonderful, very helpful and compassionate.”
– Jennifer

“This note of thanks and praise is long over due to Dr. Eaton and all at DAH. Both my pets and I have always been the recipients of both professional and kind, compassionate care. Each person that has assisted either my pets or myself, I believe have fully understood the important bond that exists between an animal owner and their pet. Every question or request, they have all been very informative and responsive. I have a very rambunctious dog in their DayCare program – it has been great for both he and my family. A happy dog and family at the end of the day. Thank you all at DAH!”
– Leah Brantley

“Everyone at Disputanta has been wonderful, caring and attentive. Our very lively pup Merlin absolutely loves going to daycare there. They not only play with him but are working with him on various behavior improvements. We highly recommend them!”
– Jena McComas

“I have been using Disputanta Animal Hospital since the summer of 2003. I first used DAH while on a vacation from out of state when my beagle had a health issue. The team was very caring of my situation, gave good treatment and advise for the rest of our traveling time. DAH communicated well with my veterinary clinic in Anchorage, AK for diagnosis and treatment completed. DAH has assisted me on adoption of my two special pets I have today. All my care for services to include Day Care, Boarding and Grooming are done at DAH. When I call the clinic or stop by I feel the case the most important to the staff at the time is my case. I appreciate the family feel they give. Nalik’a and Emily love to visit the clinic for all their needs.”
– Candee Speirs

“My family and I have been using this vet service for over 10 years. We love all of the staff and physicians. I can always call and get prompt service, fit in appointments and never worry about my dogs in their care. They also have super friendly boarding and day care. Through ups and downs, Dr. Casey, Dr. Eaton, Sarah and Morgan have been there for us all the way!”
– Christi

“My Husband and I had to bring our then 4 month old yellow lab in for an emergency visit because we had feared he had gotten into something that caused him to choke. Dr. Eaton stayed late so she could see him. Thank goodness he was okay but it was still a safe decision we made to bring him in. When we first walked in I thought Wow! This place is niiice and it is so clean. I also liked the atmosphere way better than the vet I trusted for years in C.H. Dr. Eaton was very informative on types of food I should be feeding our lab puppy and we took her advice. She also trimmed his nails voluntarily. Dr. Eaton made a follow up call the next day to find out how our puppy was doing. We also received a welcome greeting in the mail. I told my Husband that this was our new vet office and I wish that in the 6 years we lived in Disputanta I would’ve visited this place sooner with our other pet as well. It took us to move to the other side of Disputanta in early July to discover this vet. It is also closer than the 30 minute drive every time to C.H. We are so glad we found a vet with caring staff. They actually take the time to explain things and are very informative. They don’t rush you out the door and just take your money. I have referred D.A.H. to family too.”
– Mandy

“We made several mistakes with our pets when we moved to VA from CA. First we trusted them, what a mistake all they did was lead us on and charge us more. When indicated we’re running low on money the dog was healthy. Another vet didn’t give our pet pain killers after she was spayed. We didn’t thing about, but one of the vets at Fort Lee said she looked like she was in a lot of pain. We finally found this place and discovered they only care about the pet. They’re honest and upfront. I’ve seen people in the lobby who are rude and some even accused the receptions or the vet of stealing their pets leash. They were so nice about it. Doubt I would’ve been. As for prices, they’re not as expensive as many other places I tried, but I am careful. Look the bottom line is if you can’t afford it you have to be more selective about what treatments are more important, I’d rather they charge enough to stay in business then an impractical low price and I’m forced to look for a new vet next year. Also they do everything, so you don’t have to search around for specialist after they tell you your pet needs certain care. These Doctors are professional in every sense of the word. Those that had a bad experience, just remember even you have a bad day and if you want your pet well taken care of bring it here, it’ll get the best treatment.”
– Christopher

“For those of you who think your pets are receiving great care else where, you have not seen anything yet! The team of professionals at DAH are truly top notch. My 9 week old Yorkie was gravely ill (still scarry to think about) and the care given to him was amazing. I really thought the days of customer service like that was long gone. Dr. Eaton and Dr. Casey are in the business because it is plain to see that they love what they do. I will never take my animals elsewhere. Banjo has finally recovered and I cannot thank you both and your staff enough.”
– Dana Spiers

“We just love Dr. Eaton, thank you for taking such good care of Mitch, he is our baby.”
– Janet Jones

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Eaton, Dr. Heizer and the staff at Disputanta Animal Hospital! They are truly willing to go way above and beyond the call of duty to care for your pet! I would not go anywhere else for Veterinary care. Thank You so much for everything that you did for Bentley!”
– Keith King

“Dr Eaton is the best Vet in the state of VA. She understands the bonds between our companions and nurtures that feeling of safety and care that you look so desperately in a Vet She is exceptionally knowledgeable and doesn’t mind sharing that knowledge and speaks in an understandable way In my journey to become the best breeder of Yorkshire Terriers I can be, I consider Dr Eaton my most valuble resource and back-up I can trust her with any questions I have that I will get the most honest and knowledgeable answers.”
– Joy Steele

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