We provide a loving, fun and safe environment for your friend while you are away.

Let us pamper your pet while you travel worry free! We offer indoor/outdoor runs with group or individual boarding setups. Our boarding facility is climate controlled to keep your pet comfortable with air conditioning in the warm weather and heat in the cold weather!


Indoor/outdoor runs, roomy cages, and an outdoor exercise area are available depending upon the size of your pet or needs. We provide plenty of bedding and elevated pet cots. Our kitty friends board in a separate room away from the dogs where it is quieter and less stressful.


During their stay, all dogs are walked and exercised in our fenced in yard a minimum of three times daily. If your pet is a normal daycare attendee, they also have the option of attending daycare and playing with their best buds while they are boarding.

TLC Packages

During your pet’s stay, you have the option to chose the daily TLC package. This gives you the option to chose 15 minutes of extra one on one interaction that is showered on your pet daily. This includes love, brushing, play time, etc.


Owners are encouraged to bring your own pets food from home (this can help eliminate a belly ache if your pet has a sensitive tummy) or you have the option of our dry food.


If you pet is on medication, please bring in the medicine bottles with the directions so we can ensure that all medications are given properly.


We provide all necessary bedding that your pet should need while they stay with us. This helps protect their beloved bedding from being damaged while it is here.


We have lots of toys to play with while your pet is vacationing with us.


Boarding appointments should be scheduled as far in advance as you can. Depending upon the time of the year or the holiday season, boarding can fill up quickly.


We board dogs, cats, sugar gliders, hamsters, rabbits, and birds. For other pets, please call for details.

If you would like a personalized tour of our facility we invite you to stop in today.

To make reservations please contact our staff, call 804-991-3909.